Djordje mihajlovic



Professional dancer, dance instructor and choreographer with expressed creativity. Basic qualities

acquired during the years I spent in learning and teaching are persistence, physical endurance,

creativity, discipline, and consistency. Being a dancer, instructor and choreographer go together with

being a true leader, good organizer, initiator and calm mediator. Ambition and motivation are what it’s

necessary to me if I want to have a clear vision. I don’t give up on anything. The final goal is to elevate

dance onto a new level and to take as many people as I can with me.

At the moment, I’m a general manager, choreographer and instructor in a dance club called Swing

(, in Nis, which exists about 25 years now. Also, I’m a dance teacher in the Children’s

Cultural Center, and in GRUBB (, which is a part of the British Foundation. Besides, I’m

currently directing a play “1984” in cooperation with Swing, and I’m a lead vocal in “Decokvartitelji”

(, which is a rock band.


I practiced Latin American, ballroom (cha cha, rumba, samba, jive, paso doble, English waltz, slow fox,

tango and quick step), social dances, salsa, kizomba, bachata, contemporary (basic level), modern ballet

(basic level), hip-hop and popping. As a choreographer for more than a few years now, I like to consider

my skills quite developed – setting up a new competition choreography is something I enjoy doing.

Another part of my job is taking care of my team members, fellow instructors and getting them proper


Other than being a choreographer, an instructor or simply a dancer, I have experience with preparing

and realizing a marketing plan, reorganizing the inner dance school system, organizing all kinds of

manifestations, seminars, ceremonies, sports events, exhibitions, smaller festivals, concerts, etc. My

position also requires video montage, audio production and designing promotional material.

I’m especially proud on my work with people with special needs, when I also work with the Youth Dance

Center from Belgrade, where the goal was to include these young people. As a choreographer and

instructor for competitive para program in Denmark, I found our 7th place in the production category

very precious.

I worked with people like Nico Archamboult, Tashan Muir, Ukay, Omo, Tatjana Gajanović, Željko Božić,

Nika Kljun, Matej Krajcer, Aleksandar Josipovic, Pier Boutie, Saxon Fraser and Martine Cherry, which all

participated in forming my education.

When it comes to television appearances, I was on NTV, Bellamie, Zona, TV5, RTS1, RTS2, B92 and PRVA.

Career Timeline

2001 – 2009. Dancer in the Swing Dance Club

From 2009. Becomes a choreographer and dancer

2009. Dance and musical children TV show called ,,Sparkijada’’ – animator, screenwriter

2009. The Puppet Theater in Nis organized a play called “Ice queen” – assistant choreographer

2009, 2010. Franfon Song – individual performance

2009 – 2014. Children’s Musical Festival “Song of May” – choreographer of the backing vocals

2010. Mini correo drama “Constantine” – lead antagonist, killer

2010. Concert “Game of shadows” – organizer and dancer

2011. Mini correo drama “Lotus of Egypt” – lead role

2011. Carnival in Vrnjacka Banja – program participant with mini correo drama “Constantine”

2011. TV Show “Dance in Graz” – organizer

2012. Nisvil Jazz Festival – dance animator, backing dancer

2012. TV Show “Got talent” qualification, semi-final – part of a dance group Swing

2012. City’s celebration – program participant with mini correo drama “Constantine”

2012. Medijana Fest – program participant with mini correo drama “Constantine”

2012. Carnival in Podliv – program participant with mini correo drama “Constantine”

2012. Humanitarian concert “Fight for the Babies” – choreographer of the dance program

2012. European championship in handball – team performance

2012. NBF seminar with Muir Tashan – organizer

2012. TV Show “Operation Bochum”

2012. TV Show “Got talent” qualification, semi-final and finals – part of a dance group called Continuum,


2013. Nisvil Jazz Festival – dance animator, backing dancer

2013. Dance concert “Talents are guilty for everything” – coordinator

2013. Performance with Nenad Milosavljevic – Ruza od bartua – choreographer and dancer

2013. Telenor opening in Nis – choreographer of the opening ceremony

2014. Elena’s video for “Better days” – choreographer, lead antagonist

2014. Humanitarian Dance Review “For all of us” dedicated to people endangered by floods – organizer

2014. Cultural summer in Niska Banja – organizer and performer of the educational dance program,

From 2014. Becomes a general manager

2014. The GRUBB Tour in Canada – assistant choreographer, props manager

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